Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Think the Universe Might be Trying to Tell Me Something

On Sunday, Violet got hold of my iPod and for want of a better word, broke it. The touch screen was completely locked up. Because she broke the home button over a year ago (why do I let her even look at it, let alone play with it?), I couldn't even turn it off to reboot. It had become a very pretty and pricey paperweight. I decided to stop by the nearest Apple store that afternoon to see if they could take a look, but had to make an appointment for the next morning, which happened to be Columbus Day, which meant a day off for the big kids. I would have to take all three kids with me, but I figured Cy and Ruby could keep Violet entertained while I talked with my Genius. I took the earliest appointment so we could do something fun afterwards. We had a plan for our extra day together. Ha!

That same day, Violet had some tummy trouble (why yes I am talking about my child's poop on my blog!! That's what blogs are for, right?). I didn't think much of it besides how hard it is to deal with a newly potty trained kid who needs to poop a lot. On Monday morning, she was still having issues, but was able to make it to the bathroom in time. Until she didn't. I was just finishing up in the shower when she told me she had pooped in her underwear. Poor kid. It took me a few minutes to realize it wasn't confined to her underwear. Yuck! And we were just about to head out for my Genius Bar appointment too. I guess I was in denial when I contemplated keeping the appointment, but my mummy brain kicked into gear and I rescheduled for the next morning. That was just as well as it soon became clear Violet was pretty sick as she soon developed a low grade fever and she had to use the bathroom several more times. We weren't going anywhere. Cy and Ruby weren't too disappointed as they had some friends to play with.

But before Cy went out to play, I noticed something stuck to his shoe. A closer look confirmed dog poop. Ack! Could this day be any more stinky? I spent a good 20 minutes trying to dig dog poop from the grooves in the sole of his shoe, during which time Violet had an "incident". Luckily, she was wearing a pull-up but still, it was awful. This all happened before noon. I was exhausted. The big kids finally went off to play, but a couple of hours later, Cy came home and told me he wasn't feeling good. Every fall/winter, he gets some weird cold that settles in his chest and he starts wheezing. In my expert (ha!) opinion, I think it's a throwback to the walking pneumonia and bronchitis he had as a little kid. So I now had two sick kids.

Fast forward to Tuesday morning, and Violet was in our room before 5:00 am, crying and demanding breakfast. That never happens, so I put her back to bed and within 30 minutes, she was crying again, and when I went back in to comfort her, she threw up. Yikes! I brought her back into bed with me where she promptly fell asleep. But because Ruby just had to join us, and she does nothing but fidget, Violet woke up and demanded I clean up her bed so she could go back to sleep. I sleepily obliged. Cy was still feeling puny, so I kept him home from school. I figured he was just just about well enough to make the quick trip to the mall to get my iPod fixed (oh yeah, even though the screen was frozen, the thing still worked and my alarm went off at 6:00 and I couldn't turn it off), provided Violet was up to it. But by 8:00 am, she was still asleep, and we needed to leave before 9:00. As (bad?) luck would have it, the Apple store called to ask me to reschedule for the next morning as their Internet was down.

That made three failed attempts to get my iPod fixed. Surely, I could finally get it taken care of on Wednesday. At least Cy would be well rested and ready to take on his homework after his friend brought it home, as arranged with their homeroom teacher. Except his friend was never given Cy's homework. His teacher forgot all about it. Poor Cy started worrying about how he was going to fall behind with his work. Tuesday was just as exhausting as Monday, and to top it off, Violet pooped in the tub. At least Fred was home to help with that one.

This morning, Violet was a whole lot better, but Cy still wasn't feeling good. I decided to keep him home as he has a field trip tomorrow, and I'm hoping an extra day of rest will mean he can go with his classmates. I decided today was the day I could keep my appointment and get the iPod fixed. We hit the road and BAM, we hit traffic on I-285. It's really disconcerting to come to a dead stop on the interstate, I always forget Atlanta doesn't really have rush hour, it has traffic. All day long. And even though we are close to so many things, if we have to take the interstate to get there, it's going to take a while. It started to feel like I wasn't meant to have a working iPod because everything that could stop me from keeping my appointment seemed to have happened.

But we did make it to the Apple store, "just in time" according to the check-in guy. Apparently, if you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment, you need to reschedule. If that had happened, I might have thrown a Violet style tantrum in front of the Genius Bar. Luckily for everyone, that didn't happen and I now have a working iPod, albeit one wiped clean of photos, music and apps. That means Violet has no reason to use it now because all she liked to do with it was watch videos of her cousins and take photos of the floor. And all it took was a 10 minute fix, and a ridiculous amount of drama in between.

(As you might recall, I'm no stranger to days filled with bodily fluids and seemingly endless sagas.)


  1. Hi Zoe! I have a question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  2. I feel so sorry for you, Zoë. I hope this weekend is kinder to you.

  3. It's always something with kids! Just endeavor to persevere and all will be well. Love reading about your life even if some of it isn't very kind to you as Elizabeth says! Love you!